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Handling of Personal Information

Personal information input to the inquiry form is intended for use in reception and answering of inquiries.
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Before making an inquiry please read the “Privacy Policy” listed below and agree to the content of the policy. .
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Privacy Policy

1.Definition of Personal Information

Personal information includes any information that can be used to identify an individual, including name, home address, date of birth, occupation, work history, background, telephone number, or email address. It also includes information that, while it cannot be used to identify an individual on its own, can easily be compared with other information to identify an individual.

2.Purpose of Collecting Target Personal Information

The Company shall not use personal information for purposes other than the purpose it was collected for without the consent of the user (the person accessing the Company’s website). Personal information is collected from the user for the following purposes.

  1. To make inquiries regarding content the user is using
  2. To provide information about services the user is using
  3. To perform searches or matching when providing services the user is using
  4. To contact the user via services the user is using, or to contact the user regarding shipping tasks
  5. To grasp the use status of users and apply this to producing various statistical information, improving service, and developing new services

3.Collection of Personal Information

A. Personal information is collected with the scope necessary for use, with the consent of the user.

B. Some services provided by the company, in addition to information collected with the approval of the user, also automatically collect statistical information by the following methods.

Collection using cookies Cookies are used to collect information within the scope of providing comfortable use of services to the user, including automatic login, saving search settings, and identifying popular content by tracking routes of movement on the site. Information on automatic login and search settings is only saved temporarily, and is disposed of after a certain time has passed.
Collection using log files Log files are used to collect information within the scope of access analysis by IP address. It cannot be used to identify an individual.

4.Utilization of Personal Information

The following parties shall be able to use personal information.

  1. The Company (only employees related to the purposes for which it was collected)
  2. Subsidiary and affiliated companies of the Company (only employees in relevant departments of the company executing business related to the purposes for which it was collected)
  3. Partners which the Company is collaborating with or outsourcing to and has concluded a confidentiality agreement with (including both corporations and individuals)

5.Providing Personal Information to Third Parties

Except for the instances listed below, the Company shall not provide personal information to third parties (not including the parties defined in the previous article) without user’s consent.

  1. In the event that the user harms the interests of a third party
  2. In the event that it is necessary to cooperate with a government agency, a local public body, other public institution (consumer information center, bar association, etc.) , or party commissioned by one of these organizations executing affairs set forth by the law, and obtaining the consent of the user would obstruct execution of those affairs
  3. In the event that disclosure or provision is permitted by the law
  4. In the event that it is particularly necessary to improve public health or for the sound care of a child, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the user

6.Modifying, Revising, or Deleting Personal Information

Upon request from the user, according to certain procedures (Privacy Policy Article 9), personal information will be disclosed to the user. This content will be modified, revised, or deleted according to the wishes of the user.

7.Conducting Safety Management Measures

Following personal information guidelines set forth by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), the Company shall conduct systematic, personal, physical, and technical safety management measures in full or in part. The Company shall make every possible effort to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, falsification, or leaks of personal information, and simultaneously respond quickly and properly in the event that an accident happens, and work to correct it such as preventing the accident from occurring again.

8.Compliance with Laws and Standards

In order for the Company to protect personal information collected and used by the Company, it shall comply with laws concerning the protection of personal information and standards such as various guidelines based on these laws.

9.Claims and Inquiries

For any claims against the Company, questions regarding various procedures and fees such as disclosure requests for retained personal data, or questions regarding this privacy policy, send an email to the Company's inquiries email address posted below including the inquirer's …

  1. Full name of the person who makes the inquiry
  2. Home address
  3. Email address for the reply
  4. Matter of inquiry

The Company shall only use the information listed above for the purpose of identifying the person who made the inquiry and making a reply. In order to confirm that the person who made the inquiry is in fact the person whom the Company has retained personal information about, before replying to the question, the Company may ask certain questions first.

Company Email


In the following instances, the Company bears no responsibility for third parties obtaining personal information.

  1. In the event that the user makes personal information clearly available to a third party (certain companies, etc.)
  2. In the event that the user is identified unexpectedly due to the aggregation of information other than personal information
  3. In the event that personal information is provided by the user on websites other than that of the company (including link destinations)
  4. In the event that any third party obtains information (ID/password) that can identify the individual

11.Modification of the Policy

In the event that the Company modifies the Privacy Policy, it shall post the content modified on the website for a certain period of time. The user shall be notified of modified content by this posting on the website.

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