【Other secondary process machines】


【Other secondary process machines】
We have a rich lineup of secondary process machines to maximize the performance of our welding systems, which are our core technology. These machines help address post-process and peripheral process areas. We offer both general-purpose specifications and solutions tailored to your situation, according to delivery specifications, with a full line including in-line types.

Hot air adhesion machine

Adhere two(2) parts,
(plastic+ plastic) or (plastic + other material)

Hot plate machine

Melt two (2) plastic parts with hot metal plate and then press them to bond together.

Piercing machine

Pierce plastic part or kenaf board. Suitable for high mix production by programing.

Hot blade machine

Cut plastic part with hot blade.
For console box, seat and so on.

A wide variety of automation system

Combined machine of IMPULSE WELDER and other automation machine. We can design and manufacture a variety of equipment according to your requirement.