Three New Proposals for Plastic Thermal Welding Equipment

*This unit is a DC drive voltage converter that takes the place of the transformer and SSR.

Super compact!

More reliable quality!

Much more convenient!

1.Super compact

Just 60% of the original size, cutting weight by 85%

2.More reliable quality

1)Facilitates  stable welding unaffected by power supply voltage
2)Output can be adjusted for each welding tip
3)Temperature waveform can be changed in one cycle by current value using a sequencer program


Example of power supply voltage fluctuation


3.Much more convenientUP

1)Easily attach and detach welding tips when replacing
2)Different size welding tips can be used
3)Units can be expanded
4)Supports a wide range of power supplies: Standard (85 - 265 V input) / Can be used in other power supply areas
5)No adjustment required overseas
6)Also has voltage, current, internal temperature measurement features



・Unit replacement is easy

Easily remove it with one touch!


1)Does not use high voltage (Input: DC12 V)
2)When internal temperature rises due to an abnormality, an error signal is output / (With excess current protection and temperature protection features)


6.Economic Efficiency

DC-IPWCan be reused by removing DC-IPW Unit main body


7.Environment aspects

Reduces wire power loss by about 96% compared to conventional products (Driving 4 tips, 4 transformers)