【Surface fusing】FLAT FUSION SYSTEM

【Surface fusing】FLAT FUSION SYSTEM  

The FLAT FUSION SYSTEM is our proprietary (patented) assembly technique to fuse thermoplastic materials together. Uses a heat conductive element between two parts to be fused.

Don't you have any trouble such as...?

In case of solvent
・Can cut down process time of applying solvent?
・Better yield rate preventing stray solvent or wipe off?
・Can eliminate time for solvent control?
In case of ultrasonic or vibration welding.
・Less stress and impact to inner parts?
・Less noise in the workshop?
In case of perfect seal effect.
・Less man hour for screwing with packing?
・Can do perfect seal without no packing(O-ring)?
・Less man hour for assembly in seal surface?
In case defects reuse or recycle required.
・Separate fused surface easily.
・Can do segregation and disposal

FLAT FUSION SYSTEM can solve it!

1 Fused surface have a stable seal.
2 No impact to inner parts as no vibration.
3 Reverse fusion (separate the parts) by applying current to heating element again.
4 Can improve work environment (no noise, high temperature and odor)
5 Fusion is consistent and even.
6 Can process complicated shape.

The features of FLAT FUSION SYSTEM

No solvent required

No screw

No vibration

Easy separation (reverse)

The mechanism of FLAT FUSION SYSTEM

1. Set conductive heating element between thermoplastic parts and apply current to generate heat which fuse and bond the plastic parts.
2. Between the parts achieve a perfect hermetic seal which afford something extra other bonding process cannot create.
3. Joule heat fuse thermoplastic.
4. Press and bond plastic part together.

Flat Fusion System examples of use

Temperature analysis simulation

Example of use


[1] For products which require a seal, heating elements are set in a double loop to heat evenly.
[2] Resin around the heating elements fuses together, sealing the product.

Applicable plastics



Standard general machine


Power:AC200V 50/60Hz
Air pressure:0.5MPa(5.0kgf/㎠)

Standard replaceable jig type


Power:AC200V 50/60Hz
Air pressure:0.5MPa(5.0kgf/㎠)